Walking on sunshine: Saying goodbye to this eternal winter


With a little more than a month left, college students are thinking about summer break and are starting to become distracted with the approaching beautiful weather.

Usually around this time of year more events are held around campus to which a lot of people look forward.

There are spring concerts, more guest speakers and even class trips.

Now that spring is officially here, students can look forward to going outside and seeing the sun and not wearing a jacket.

Suddenly, instead of sprinting to class students start to take their time and enjoy the fresh air and the nice weather.

It certainly has been a cold and rough winter. And with no hints of snow anytime soon, the skies are looking much better.

I feel a bit happier to know the snow alerts are gone and that the sun will be coming out more.

The harsh winter made the campus rough and hard to maneuver around at times and the hourly post about the weather did not make it any better.

After all the snow and record-dropping temperatures, I cannot help but think the spring and summer will be even worse.

I mean think about it.

The winter was very brutal and the snow came on time this year.
I can only imagine the rising temperatures we will see in April and May.

We have not known a summer to be chilling or nice; people usually are indoors trying to escape the sun’s harsh rays that can cause so much unhappiness and craziness.

When is weather ever fair to human kind that endures it every day?

Usually August is still torturous and people do not care because they can walk around in short-sleeve shirts a little while longer.
For the weather to be so harsh this year some college students took it very well.

In all my years here someone amazes me each semester with his or her choice of clothing.

On a cold day where it was less than 40 degrees, I would see someone in a short-sleeve shirt, shorts and sneakers.

I was amazed and I still am when the sun is not out and the wind blows through your body and all I see are hoodies and shoes with no socks. I feel shocked.

I think that wherever that person lives he or she must be used to cold climate or they are warm-blooded.

It does make sense that people who live in the city would have a slight advantage of warmer air than people who live near the mountains.

There is nothing else left to do but to sit back and watch how warm it gets this time.

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