Student Spotlight: Dorissa Lea Brivchik plans for the future

Shippensburg University will not be the only school that sophomore Dorissa Lea Brivchik will be attending in her lifetime.

After completing four years at SU, Dorissa plans to attend more school, specifically Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

Brivchik is a biology major who is striving to become a doctor in her future; with an interest in dermatology.

The Health Sciences Club at SU takes up a good chunk of her time as a first semester member.
They host annual blood drives, volunteer at retirement homes and children’s fairs.
This busy girl also does snake research with Dr. Pablo Delis in Wallops Island, Va., every-so-often. When the weather is cooperating, they study the snake communities of the island. Some may think this is a little beyond their comfort zone, while Brivchik is absolutely fascinated by it.
Over winter break, she studied abroad in Costa Rica for 11 days.

It was the best 11 days of her life and loved learning about Costa Rica’s different culture; as well as meeting many new friends. She plans to travel back to Costa Rica in the near future.
After cheering competitively throughout her life, Brivchik decided to cheer for SU’s squad this year.
She plans to cheer again for the upcoming football season.

Brivchik was born and raised in Lancaster, along with her younger sister, who significantly looks up to Brivchik.

Three character traits that her family and friends describe her as — bubbly, creative, and loving.
One will usually find her studying in the library, supporting her boyfriend, Kyle, at his ice hockey games, or watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Cooking has become her new love while being away at school, along with the website Pinterest as her sidekick.

Dorissa’s favorites — pink, Michael Kors, Magic Mike, Christmas, summer, the beach, warm weather, Drake and smiling.

She is in love with Shippensburg’s beautiful, cute campus. The biology department is everything she could ask for, with fabulous people.

She likes the fact that Shippensburg is far enough from Lancaster, but a reasonable distance if needed to head home. Her favorite place to dine on campus is the Century Café to purchase sandwich of the day.

As hardworking as she is, advice for her peers is to work hard in school, but also enjoy your time here.

You only go through college once, so live it up, she said. “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart” is Dorissa’s favorite quote. It was her senior high school quote, and it’ll stay with her for life.
She believes that you should always do what makes you happy, and to follow your heart and dreams.

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