Student Spotlight: Seth Baker plans for success


Seth Baker is an SU student who has been active on campus since his first day.

Baker, a psychology sophomore from York, Pa., made it his plan to be extremely involved in the campus community.

Baker said while he was in high school he was not very involved so he decided to make sure to stay involved on campus.

Baker is involved in a diverse selection of student groups such as the new student orientation team; Psi Chi, the honors psychology fraternity; the RHA; P.E.E.R.S, promoting excellence through establishing relationships for success; Building bridges; the MSA and groups under their banner; and lastly the Pokemon Club.

His latest activities that he was part of were the Retention Rally and the Martin Luther King march both held by the MSA.

Baker’s involvement keeps him busy almost every day of the week but he still finds time to maintain a high grade point average and help others when needed.

After college, Baker plans to pursue a doctoral or master’s degree in psychology and become a counselor.

Baker is involved not because he has to be, but because it is what he wants to do. He was not asked to take on so many responsibilities on top of those that come with being in college.

Baker is committed to being part of the SU community and will continue to be part of it until he graduates.

Baker said, “Who am I to say how I will leave a mark at Shippensburg? Others are the ones that will decide what they will remember about me if they do.”

Baker is not concerned with being recognized with awards or high praise. He just wants to help SU grow.

His commitment to SU is admirable and should be applauded. Many students get involved because they want it to look good on a resume, but Baker is not concerned with what he can gain from this experience, he is concerned with enhancing the experiences of others.

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