Resume boot camp kicks business butt at SU


Walking toward the CUB MPR for “Resume Boot Camp” I was not sure what to expect. I had my two-yearold resume that I found in my piles of documents, and hoped for the best.

I was able to get to a table right away because of my flexible major, while others waited in seats for their specific interviews.

I had the unfortunate time of having to cross out all of my activities before college, but I left the event knowing that I would have a professional resume for the future.

The boot camp is an annual event and is a collaboration between the Career Development Center and University Relations office.

It allows students to network through face-to-face interaction with employers. This type of interaction is priceless because it provides students with advice and guidance on their degrees and the paths they can take.

Many students were pleasantly surprised and gave positive feedback about the event. As a matter of fact, students were waiting with anticipation for their sessions even before the doors opened.
The same employers come every year because they like to recruit on campus, with some of them being alumni of Shippensburg University.

When I asked the staff, who helped facilitate the boot camp, if they had any advice, they responded by telling students to, “Take advantage of the opportunities on campus.”

These opportunities will help the students gain exposure which correlates to increased chances of getting a job after graduation, which is why events like these are held, with student’s futures in mind.

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