Oscar reviews ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

For my second Oscar review I decided to review the newest film by the incredible director Martin Scorsese. Scorsese has directed many films that are near the top of the list for the best films of all time and “The Wolf of Wall Street” is right on par with that.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” follows the story of the immensely successful stock broker Jordan Belfort during his career in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Belfort’s success however led to him having many problems with the law and drug use which made his life a very exciting and crazy ride that makes “The Wolf of Wall Street” a fantastic film to see.

Starring a Laundry list of fantastic actors and actresses “The Wolf of Wall Street” has assembled an incredible cast , which was needed to pull of such an over the top film. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the films lead role as Jordan Belfort. His performance in this film was incredible and his transformation into the character who lead such an insane life is enchanting to see on film to say the least. His performance has also garnered him with much critical praise as well. DiCaprio has been nominated for the Oscar for best Actor and he won the Golden Globe for best actor.

Another actor who had a prominent role in the film was Jonah Hill who continued his more serious work in this film. He was fantastic as one of Belfort top executives and also has been recognized by the critics for his performance.

Hill and Dicaprio were great, as always, but the breakout performance of the film was Australian actress Margot Robbie. Robbie played Belfort’s wife Naomi Lapaglia and for her first major role in a film of this size she was outstanding and has secured her position as a prominent actress in the future.

Over all this film is one of the top rated this year by the critics and the fans. Surprisingly it only received 77 percent on Rotten Tomatoes by the critics and it got an 83 percent by the audience but for a three hour film that is very good. “The Wolf of Wall Street” has been nominated and won many awards throughout the awards shows and has been nominated for a total of 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director (Martin Scorsese), Best Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), Best Supporting Actor (Jonah Hill) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Terence Winter).

If you have not seen this film yet I highly recommend that you do. It is an insane life through the life of an insane man but it is exciting to say the least. I rate this film a 5 out of 5.

With the 86th annual Academy Awards approaching, I wanted to let people know about the films and give a college students opinion on the more well regarded films of the past year. Check back next week for my review of “Her.” “Captain Phillips” will be on theslateonline.com soon!

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