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Activities Program Board, or APB, is responsible for many of the activities that are held across campus. But, many students do not realize the amount of work that actually goes into planning for these events.

APB originated as a committee in Student Senate in 1973. On April 11, 1983, it became a recognized student group on Shippensburg’s campus. The group is the main programming board on campus and focuses on improving social, cultural, recreational and educational programs for students as well as the community.

Within the board, there are numerous leadership roles for which a student can run. for. A student can be a general member who participates as much or as little as desired. A student can have an executive role as president, vice president for campus outreach, vice president for membership, or treasurer. If a student desires a position in event planning, he or she can be anything from concert, entertainment or performing arts chairperson to campus activities, multicultural affairs, or travel and recreation chairperson.

Since APB was created, hundreds of students have suggested ideas for events that cater to Shippensburg students. With a board of 14 students, three direct advisers and more than 30 general members, APB plans with the students in mind. Suggestions, data and surveys are taken by students to let the board know in what programs they would be most interested.

APB plans concerts, comedians, tournaments, dances, day trips and movies.

The events are planned a semester in advance. The board attends the National Association for Campus Activities, or NACA, conference in the fall and in the spring. In the fall and in the spring. At NACA, APB talks to agencies and performers to bring back to campus for the full board and general members to vote on for the upcoming semester.

Every year, there are new trips and there are traditional trips, such as a day trip to New York City. This year, the board planned a trip to a Phillies vs. Nationals game, a trip to the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., and a trip to the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Brittany Arnold, a senior psychology major, is the concert chairperson on APB.

“The way that we pick our concerts is we survey the student body and see what genre they would like to see and then go from there to decide on who is in our budget,” Arnold said.

In the past, APB has brought big names to Shippensburg like B.O.B., Jason Derulo, Howie Day, and the Plain White T’s.

Kristina Carey, entertainment chairperson, explained that the way APB chooses what movies to show is through a website called Swank.

“We see what movies are not in theaters anymore but not yet on DVD or on Redbox,” Carey said.
The board then votes on the movies. In the months of November and December, the movies that played in Orndorff Theater were “White House Down” and “We’re the Millers.” In November, there was a fall film festival. “The Place Beyond the Pines,” “Admission” and “The Way, Way Back” were shown. Information on exact dates and times of movies being shown can be found in a copy of APB’s event listing.

The special events chairperson is responsible for not only planning APB events such as the Parents and Family Celebration and RaiderFest, but he or she also plans daytime events for homecoming week. The special events chairperson is the liaison between the Homecoming Committee and APB.
Tyler Graham, a junior art and graphic design major, has been on APB for two and a half years. This year, he serves as the performing arts chair of the board.

“The way we program is with students in mind. This way, students are involved in the decision-making process to help us know what they are looking for and thus, help us plan our events better,” Graham said.

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