Justin Bieber in too deep?

It was just six years ago “Beliebers” fell in love with this sweet 14-year-old boy from Canada watching his music covers on YouTube. Now the 19-year-old pop heartthrob could be facing jail time.

In correspondence with WCPO Cincinnati, in July 2009 Justin released his first single “One Time” and it reached NO. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is certified Platinum in the U.S. and Canada.
In June 2010 his single “Baby” was most-watched YouTube video until November 2012. In early 2011, Justin released his first 3-D biopic and concert documentary that topped the box office. In July 2011 he ranked NO. 2 on Forbes list of Best-Paid Celebrities under 30.

Then in March 2012 his hit single “Boyfriend” off the Believe album debuted at NO. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bieber has a history of misbehaving, throwing tantrums and giving the paparazzi new stories to dish out. In July 2013, he was caught urinating in a restaurant’s mop bucket and made rude remarks about former President Bill Clinton. Recently he was arrested for drunk driving and drag racing.

This was not the first time Bieber was seen racing. Neighbors in his exclusive gated community made complaints about the pop star racing up and down the streets.

According to CNN news, he was pulled over early Thursday morning in Miami for speeding up to 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. He refused to cooperate with the authorities and they could tell he was under the influence.

He was given a sobriety test and failed. He was released after his bail was set at $2,500. A week prior to this incident Justin was accused of egging his California neighbor’s home that resulted in $20,000 in damages. During that incident the Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies raided Bieber’s home under a felony search warrant for the vandalism investigation.

They did not find anything on Bieber but they did arrest his friend Xavier (Lil Za) Smith, 20, for possessing drugs.

If Bieber does not clean up his act fast he could be facing serious jail time and even worse, having his visa revoked. He is constantly in tabloids for making irrational decisions and he is suffering the consequences very harshly.

Bieber is more than just a pop singer. He’s a teenager who has endured a lot throughout the years in the music industry. He has grown up in the public’s eye.

So many people adore and look up to him that he not only has an obligation to make good choices but as a role model be someone who your fans and peers can respect and take seriously.

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