The hassle of parking

My least favorite thing about campus? Parking.

As a ship student, we tend to take advantage of our accomplishments. My accomplishment? Earning the privilege of a commuter pass.

The only thing that’s not awesome about this pass is that I can only park in the worst parking lots on campus (other than the storage lots, of course.) We have probably all thought, ‘there is so much faculty parking, we should be able to have a lot of theirs,’ but no, faculty works hard enough too and has earned their spots.

My solution? Make the empty lots from residence hall demolition into continued commuter lot parking. This would be a happy medium for all of us. Mainly everyone who has a commuter pass, (and who lived on campus at one point,) has had to live with the noisy construction.

This could be the way the University pays us back! It is closer to academic buildings and would maybe even make student feel more secure in their travels to and from their cars.

Another win – less parking tickets! Both the annoyance for the campus police officers to write them and the annoyance of getting and paying a $30 parking ticket, gone!

In the end, more parking = less student aggravation and less parking tickets. College minds at work right here!

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