The 2013 World Series just came to an end, what are your thoughts on the outcome?


Veteran Clay Buchholz pitched through shoulder trouble in Game 4 for the Boston Red Sox.

The 2013 World Series was a wacky one to say the least. One walk off and a controversial call added a lot of excitement to a rather dull sport.

Cale and Ryan give their opinions on how the World Series played out.

In the Oct. 21 edition of the Hot Corner, I predicted that the St. Louis Cardinals were going to win the World Series. Obviously, I was very wrong.

In fact, this series was never that close at all. The Red Sox handily took Game 1 behind a stellar performance from pitcher Jon Lester. The next night, the Cardinals tied the series at one game apiece, riding pitcher Michael Wacha to the victory.

However, this is where the series took a strange turn. The Cardinals took a 2–1 series lead when they won Game 3 on a walk-off obstruction call.

This is something I can say that I’ve never seen in my life and I’m shocked that the umpires would end a World Series game that way. Although, the umpires made the correct call, nobody really wants to see a game end like that.

Maybe that’s what the Red Sox needed to light a fire underneath them.

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David Ortiz was named the 2013 World Series MVP after posting a .688 batting average the Cardinals.

Boston came back to take the next three games and the World Series victory, largely because of the efforts of World Series MVP David Ortiz. It was the first time in 95 years that Boston clinched the World Series Championship at home.

Overall, this series was very entertaining, despite how unusual it was.

In tribute to those affected by the Boston marathon bombing, the Red Sox celebrated their championship by placing the World Series trophy on the finish line of The Boston Marathon, and placed a jersey on top of it that read “Boston Strong.”

It was a very classy move by the players, and I hope it helped heal some emotional wounds that were left from that tragedy.

This World Series was indeed a wild one to say the least.

First, you have the questionable obstruction call to end the game, which in my mind was a horrible call. The Boston third baseman did not intentionally trip the Cardinals’ runner, he was simply trying to get up and the runner ran into his hip.

Then you have the huge Jonny Gomes three-run homerun in Game 4 that proved to be the game-winner. The homer was another magical moment for the Red Sox.

In that same game Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz came in and battled through shoulder problems and pitched way better than anyone ever expected.

Not to mention Game 6 when Boston finally clinched the title and the city of Boston went crazy.
I was pulling for the Red Sox the entire way because of what happened in April.

It always seems that when something good happens for a city’s sports team, the entire city is rebuilt. I think that is absolutely the case when it comes to the Red Sox winning the World Series.

If you ask me, I think this World Series outlived everyone’s expectations.
This World Series added much-needed life to the sport of baseball.

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