Student Spotlight: Brianna Bowen born to serve


Brianna Bowen is a sophomore criminal justice major at SU who wants to become a fire marshal.

Brianna Bowen is a sophomore criminal justice major at Shippensburg University.

Bowen has worked for the Shippensburg University Police Department for a year and a half and is the youngest intern there to date.

She also volunteers for Newburg Hopewell Fire Department and the Chambersburg Fire Department. She recently picked up a full-time job in Newville as well.

This does not leave much down time for Bowen. An average week entails 15 hours of school, over 10 hours at the SUPD, over 30 hours between the fire departments and a full-time job.

For most people, Bowen’s full schedule would be too much.

Not for her, however, because she likes to help whenever she can at any cost.

Bowen has a wide array of responsibilities at the police department including: IDs, medical transports, writing tickets upon direction and filing paperwork.

At both fire departments she helps with fundraisers and runs fire calls.

When it comes to running calls she has to be available at all hours of the night.

In the fall of 2012, she took emergency medical technician (EMT) classes at the Fayetteville Community Center.

The classes were sponsored and taught by the Fayetteville Fire Department.

Classes started shortly after Labor Day and she was certified by winter break.

Her EMT certification was based on a written exam and a practical application.

The written exam consisted of more than 100 questions and the practical consisted of four stations at which students had to demonstrate their application of CPR, trauma and medical techniques.

After graduation Bowen wants to be a fire marshal.

She is not entirely sure where she wants to be but one thing is certain, she wants to investigate fire.
If she decides to stay in Pennsylvania, she will have to be a law enforcement officer for three years before she can be a fire marshal.

Her aspirations to become a fire marshal came only a few years ago, however, she has held them tight.

“I’ve always wanted to be in the criminal justice field, but my biggest interest lies in emergency services,” Bowen said in response to future plans.

“I don’t know exactly where life will take me, but I hope it leads me to serving others.”

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