Mini-THON strives to make a difference


The 2013 Mini-Thon is determined to receive over $13,000 in their second Thon on Nov. 15, 2013.

They’re striving even harder this year to raise more money and Thon even harder.

It’s already starting with great progress. Six people from the chair have already individually raised $200 from their donor sites. Last night they received over 120 pre-registered volunteers for the Thon. Their effort is not complete because they are still looking for more volunteers up until the day of.

More than 30 students came out to the second meeting last night in 051 DCH. It started off with a heartfelt presentation of why and how a Thon can touch so many friends and family’s lives.

From the Co-Chair, Mackenzie Bender, went through a quick agenda of what the Thon is all about, why she Thons and what other volunteers should look forward to next Friday. The chair of eight members also introduced themselves and explained why and who they Thon.

The agenda consisted of Real Talk (the purpose of this meeting), Goals (how many volunteers they hope to have and how much money they plan to raise) and Working meeting, which consisted of: line dance, poster-making, numbers for reveal, sign-ups and diamonds (hanging up names of people in remembrance).

This will be the second SHIP Mini-Thon since the first one, Nov.9, 2012. The mini-Thon is full of positive energy with goal-oriented people that want to help make an impact on a family. The countdown is going to help make a difference and raise as much money as possible SHIP.

By joining the cause, you can be a part of the SHIP Thon line dance that will be performed throughout the night.

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