College basketball has just begun, are you ready for the madness?


Syracuse Orange senior C.J. Fair is going to be one of the biggest stars in NCAA basketball when he steps on to the court this season.

With NBA basketball in full swing it is time for NCAA basketball to get rolling. There are a lot of new faces in the college game this year. There are also seasoned ones as well.

Regardless of who steps out on the court for the 351 Division 1 basketball teams this season there will be madness.

The only real question is, are you ready for the madness that is about to ensue?

Ryan and Bryan give their take on who will be power house teams this season and if they are ready for all of the excitement that college basketball has to offer.

I am more than ready for college basketball to be in full swing this season. Last year ended with a bang when the University of Louisville won the national title after their guard, Kevin Ware broke his leg during one of the March Madness games.

This season looks to be another promising one as well. Freshmen like Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle and Jabari Parker are going to add a spark to college hoops.

Not only will the freshmen be exciting to watch but the usual faces of the game will be ready to play.

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The Michigan State Spartans are going to get back to March Madness agains this season.

Players like University of Florida shooting guard Kenny Boynton and Syracuse University big man C.J. Fair will be ready to make noise in their senior seasons.

When it comes to the overall team performance I expect the usual powerhouses like Duke and Michigan State University to make noise. Also teams like Marquette University and La Salle University can make some noise.

College basketball is an exciting time for fans and college campuses. It is a sport that gets a lot of recognition and it should.

It is popular in the United States and is a great chance for the players to show everyone, including pro scouts — they have what it takes to play on the big stage.

When I hear about the start of college basketball, I can only ask, is it March yet? If not, I am not interested.

I think I am in the minority of people who are not very interested in college basketball, but I just don’t understand it. There are way to many teams to try and follow so I do not even bother.

In my opinion, there are two levels of college sports fans. There are fans who cheer for the university that they attend, or they are alumni. The second type of fan is the one who will cheer for a team to which they have no connection to.

There is a strange level of fandom that comes along with fans of college basketball. I do not want to hear about college kids playing basketball across the country.

The time of March Madness is really the only time that I will watch any college basketball.

This seems like one of the most exciting times in sports and it is almost impossible not to watch some of the games, mostly because the games are on several different channels now.

I understand that people are excited for the start of college basketball, but do not force the issue.
If you want to like a team, go ahead and enjoy the season, but do not talk to me about college basketball until March.

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