Can long-distance relationships work?


Relationships are meant to be tough at times.

They challenge each partner in good or bad ways only for them to learn something new they did not know about their partner before.

A relationship is what you make of it whether it progresses into marriage, preferably, or it only lasts but so long, it was worth something to each person when they were “in love.”

A relationship that is long-distance is said to be harder than two people who are able to see each other just about every day.

Knowing relationships are complex and not always the best, there should be some kind of success in the long-distance, right?

According to an article from CNN Living, “Does distance really make the heart grow fonder?”

Researchers concluded that long-distance relationships make people feel strongly bonded to their partner than couples who are able to see each other on a daily basis.

Being miles apart from your partner should make you be at your most vulnerable and be more honest with the person in your life.

Having affection for somebody is much more than the physical.

Great communication and being able to trust one another when you can’t see them really matters.
The distance only bothers people who are not used to verbally connecting with a person versus them physically building a bond.

When there is space in a relationship it creates a desire to rekindle and unite physically and emotionally. Currently, 32.5 percent of college students in the United States are in long-distance relationships according to The average amount of time it takes until they realize it is not going to work is 4.5 months.

The total percentage of couples who have broken up is 40 percent.

Considering these statistics long-distance relationships are not for everybody.

They can seem great a first but become stressful and tedious over time. Patience and communication are important building blocks in a relationship regardless.

A long-distance relationship must apply those building blocks and exercise them frequently.
Being in a LDR is stronger because it requires more energy and time but any relationship should require as much work as a long-distance one.

When you love a person and you are in a relationship you should be doing everything in your power to never let that spark the reason why you were attracted to your partner, ever fade away.
Taking time to know and fully understand who you love should be a main priority whether near or far apart from each other in distance.

Like they say, love should have no boundaries or limits.

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