Beautiful men ascend on SU campus for pageant


Bridge for Kids is a non profit organization that betters the lives of children within the community.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep your shirts on. The Bridge for Kids organization hosted its annual “Mr. Shippensburg Male Beauty Pageant” on Nov. 14 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Memorial Auditorium.

Bridge for Kids is a non-profit organization that betters the lives of children within the community.

It helps to provide children with basic educational needs. The profits from this event go toward buying books for underprivileged children.

The audience was in for an enjoyable night of laughter as contestants put on some unforgettable performances. The contest kicked off with a prize drawing in which two Shippensburg University students were selected as winners.

During the beauty pageant, five contestants competed to be the next “Mr. Ship” in categories including swimwear, talent, formal wear and a Q&A. Contestants were Romar Mayne, Tyler Lee, Justin Schneider, Evan Fishel and Jeremy Flick.

During the time ,contestants added their own unique flair for each of the categories. Some contestants performed to songs while dressed in costumes, while others showed their musical talents while singing or playing a guitar. The audience even got to sing along to some familiar songs.

The donation dance was an interactive experience with the audience as contestants danced through the aisles to collect money for the cause. During the dance, Bridge For Kids was able to raise $46. “I really enjoyed the nonstop entertainment provided. Whether the contestants were on stage or not, we were still left laughing,” Alexis Kasun said.

After a fun intermission with the host keeping the audience laughing, the dance troupe made a special appearance on stage.

The contestants continued to perform with their “twerk off” as the judges came to their final decisions. Mayne was crowned with the Mr. Shippensburg title with runner up Flick and Lee in third place.

“This is my first time going to “Mr. Ship” and I loved it. I loved all of the contestants’ talents. My favorite part was the formal wear.

Each outfit had some connection to the wearer’s personality. Also the shows cause was an excellent choice,” Jymmy Comrey said.

Bridge for Kids hosted yet another successful event. SU students look forward to seeing what is in store for next year.

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