Why we should appreciate homecoming committee


As a junior now at Shippensburg Univeristy, I got to thinking about how this was my second to last year of homecoming. Now, I understand this may be a little too early to begin getting nostalgic, but I found myself reminiscing about my previous homecoming weeks at SU.

Every year the homecoming committee works diligently for months to give the school something to remember. While some themes in the past have arguably been better than others, I think the theme this year who great.

People love Hollywood and the glitz and glam that comes with it. To be honest, Shippensburg is the farthest thing from glitzy or glammy so the small touches of it that can be found around campus were nice to see. Something that I think students may take for granted is that, as we walk down the quad everyday for class we begin to notice decorations and ads for homecoming week, but do we ever really think about the work and people behind it?

I talked to board members of the homecoming committee to figure out just how much work goes into SU’s biggest weekend. The homecoming committee works throughout the year, something students should really keep in mind. “In November, the committee takes applications for the following year’s board, and in December that new board takes place.

Planning begins in January and continues up until homecoming week, even through the summer where we meet for a retreat.” publicity chairperson Bobbie Reeder said.

Homecoming is also about more than just having fun.

Every year the homecoming committee gets together to decide where donations will be put to good use. Members of the homecoming court raise proceeds and the funds that are raised are donated to an organization that the homecoming committee board votes upon. This year the donations hit close to home when the board voted to give to the National MS Society of Central PA. Committee president, Samantha Stambaugh not only runs the show for homecoming, but she also suffers from multiple sclerosis.

“It’s definitely very special to me. I did an internship this summer with the National MS Society of Central PA and I learned so much that they do to give to those with MS,” Stambaugh said, “We had a representative come and speak to the committee and everyone learned alot from her. As my last homecoming, it means so much to me since I have multiple sclerosis.”

I think that the homecoming committee’s work is undervalued. Students need to realize that their work is more than just hanging decorations.

They make this weekend special, and when we graduate and look back we will remember that they were some of the best weekends to look forward to.

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