The Beatles: A revolution they created


Music is the most prominent value in our never-ending quest of self-expression through melody, catchy tunes, and heartfelt words.

The greatest artists and bands of all time intertwined their tunes and lyrics in such a way that it has influenced generations to come. Such bands include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.

Artists of differing genres come and go through the years, providing conventional songs that only barely see the limelight — rarely influencing the aspects of society years ahead of their time. The only musical group that stands out from the others mentioned is The Beatles.

Undoubtedly the voice of happiness and self-realization, The Beatles offer a perspective that simplifies life by expressing a deep desire to harmonize and come to terms with situations in which one may be placed.

Ranked No. 1 on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Greatest Artists, The Beatles have created a monumental impact on the face of modern society. Well-known artists like David Bowie and Keith Moon covered “Across the Universe” and “When I’m Sixty-Four” in the mid-‘70s during The Beatles prime — further expanding their inspiration among fans and listeners.

Even Elton John collaborated with John Lennon in the making of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” in 1974 while Lennon was featured in Elton John’s “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night.”

Being an avid Beatles listener, I have come to the conclusion that the tone in which they blend together has attracted me to their music. Early senior year of high school I was introduced to the band and all its glory. A friend of mine was playing one of their songs, “Come Together,” when I enthrallingly asked who the artists were. He told me it was his favorite band, The Beatles.

From that day forward I listened to The Beatles rigorously, internalizing every song and beat they created.
The way they seem to bring out the light in life is dazzling in and of itself.

Lyrics that focus on working together, love, compassion and radiating contentment, The Beatles have managed to open doors for those who feel lost or hopeless. It is no surprise that they have won seven Grammy awards and have been nominated 25 times for other various Grammys from 1964 through 1997.

The insurmountable amount of time put into the background workings of their albums continue to surpass that of any other competing musical artists of today’s modern musical figures.

I have and will forever listen to the stimulating lessons produced by the Beatles to get me through the best and worst days of my life.

They have created music that will transcend generations, forever remain a cruical part of history within the music industry.

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