Tattoos Are Not Taboo

As we advance into the 21st century, new trends are becoming more common varying from necessary items, like medical technology, to the unnecessary, such as communication devices.

One great thing that has also altered is tattoos and body art. Can tattoos and body art be the result of advanced communication? I know people would probably question relevance of tattoos to communication, but if you take a moment to think about that theory, it makes sense.

Do entertainers such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil’ Wayne, Travis Barker and Rihanna have an influence on the way we view ourselves? Some artists make songs about tattoos and a lot of celebrity’s looks or music may impact viewers. I am sure we all have that one female friend who styled her hair a certain way based off of her favorite artist; I have seen so many young women get the ‘roman numeral tattoo on the shoulder’ after Rihanna did it.

I believe the fact that most of this generation is connected to social networks and the media has a great influence on our own appearances, body art and the choices we make.

I am not saying I do not believe that tattoos are not used as a means of expressing oneself, that is definitely a factor. But what are we trying to say? If tattoos are an expression of originality, where does the idea come from?

As I asked a male freshman “Why are tattoos becoming so popular?” he states that tattoos are not only a form of expression but also a way of trying to relate to or connect to idols. Many other students that I have talked to between ages of 17 and 21 have said they believe that tattoos are influenced by entertainers or that tattoos tell stories.

Times are changing and tattoos are just a new way of self-expression whether it is original or not. Tattoos are pretty acceptable in a sense that, not everyone is going to get a Mike Tyson tattoo on his or her face but tattoos and body art range from grandparents to fourteen year old boys, to the middle-aged college professor. As long as tattoos are not too excessive or disturbing, they do not affect others view of you.

When I asked a friend of mine how she felt about tattoos, she used the expression, “Champagne taste with beer money.” She then explained that based off of the people she sees, people are trying to keep up with a trend that a person with a lot of money has started.

Drake references Versace in one of this songs and this could make people want to spend their money on a new pair of shades, Jay-Z references Prada and so a young person hears this, may buy new Prada attire before purchasing a book from the bookstore. That same logic applies to much of society with tattoos. Even if the tattoo idea is not from a celebrity, it may be influenced by social website Pinterest or a campus peer.

I, myself, have no tattoos. Nor am I against tattoos. I think tattoos are awesome when they are done with meaning. I just haven’t found anything permanent enough to be…..well, permanent.

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