ROTC hosts ‘Battlefield Me’ promotion in the CUB


Students had the opportunity to try on battlefield gear. ROTC sponsored the program that took place in the CUB amphitheater.

For any Shippensburg student who has wanted to get the experience of wearing actual U.S. Army battlefield gear, the Shippensburg Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) had just the thing.

From Oct. 16–18, ROTC hosted “Battlefield Me” in the CUB amphitheater, inviting students to come and try on various army gear and hold some non-functional weapons as well.

“It was very sweaty and very heavy. I give them credit for wearing that,” junior psychology major Heather Jackman said. “It was a good experience. It was eye-opening.”

This is the second time ROTC has held the event. Last year, they held their first “Battlefield Me” promotion in the quad.

According to junior geoenvironmental studies major Mitchell Hess, that year the event was a huge success in terms of freshmen and sophomores.

“People like dressing up and getting their picture taken,” Hess said.

Representatives of ROTC were present to provide a few pieces of authentic Army gear to try on, as well as pose in the gear, holding one of the weapons while getting their photo taken.

The purpose of “Battlefield Me” is to raise awareness of ROTC in the Shippensburg University community.

According to the Shippensburg University website, ROTC is “an elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes…it gives you the tools, training, and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment.”

In addition, students can participate in their freshman or sophomore years “without any obligation to join the army.”

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