Pingpong tournament draws crowd at SU


Pingpong fans had the chance to cheer for SU students in a tournament Thursday night. The CUB programming hosted a pingpong tournament, that drew a large crowd.

With two games of pingpong happening simultaneously and a total of 24 games played throughout the night, the atmosphere was energetic, competitive and exciting.

With single elimination play, every point mattered for the players. The first opponent to reach 21 points was the winner, which advanced them to the next bracket.

Matches were picked at random and participants anxiously awaited their name to be called, jumping up with enthusiasm when it was their turn on the tables.

“These games were so intense, pingpong balls were being hit all over the CUB” CUB staff member, Caden Krout said.

With awesome prizes up for grabs, one can understand why players were so competitive. The first-place prize was an iPod nano and a $10 iTunes gift card. second place was two 9×9 Viper Ping-Pong paddles, and third place was a $10 Pizza Hut gift card.

“I have never won a tournament before. It’d be nice to see if I could win something like this. I like pingpong though so win or lose it will be fun,” Chris Paoli said before the games begin. Ironically, Paoli ended up winning his first tournament that night, and beamed with excitement as he received his first-place prize.

The second-place prize went to Lewis Camero, and third place went to Brett Rudsill.
Many other students decided to play because it gave them something fun to do on a Thursday night.


“I wanted to play some pingpong because I’m an avid player who enjoys quality competition. Once I found out that there was a tournament going on I knew it was something I would want to participate in,” Alex Manning said.

“Last year I was the Game Zone manager, so I couldn’t participate in these events. So this year I’m trying to compete since I have the chance,” Jerry Cooley said.

Although not everyone received prizes, many students were satisfied with getting to play some pongpong and having something to do on a Thursday night.

CUB programing has events every other Thursday and Friday, as well as every Saturday. This is done so students have can still have fun on weekends in a safe way.

Thursday nights are typically tournaments, with prizes available for winners. Friday night events are usually live entrainment, where prizes are still given out by raffle.

“CUB programing has been very successful so far this year with all of our events. All events have had such a great turn out,” CUB staff member Anthony Gallone said.

Because of the success with the programs, there is no fee for any events, and the CUB budget funds all prizes for events.

For more information about upcoming events happening at Game Zone or in the CUB, follow the CUB on Twitter @shipcub and like it on Facebook.

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