Drake: The path he paved from the bottom to the top


What is it that makes Drake so successful?

Could it be his star quality?

The passion he conveys for good rap music?

Drake embodies his flaws once again in his third studio album titled “Nothing was the Same.” According to Fansided.com the album was released on Sept. 24.

Drake promised that his sophomore and junior albums would only be meaner and he definitely delivered. Drake tells stories of heartbreak, distant/broken relationships, success and failure.

Drake has the ability to take a beat and pour his emotions onto it.

He does not doubt his craft; he cannot deny the feeling of vulnerability and truth in his music. You can hear the emotion in almost every song off the album.

Some songs that stand out for me are: “Wu-Tang Forever,” “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music,” and “305 To My City,” “The Language,” “All Me,”

Rapgenius.com reported the first hit to debut off of the album titled, “Started From the Bottom,” was released in early February of this past year and was a hit throughout the country.

To me, Drake is most charming when he breaks into a full-on croon for “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

The whole album is worth keeping on repeat in my opinion.

Between the upbeat songs that have you nodding your head, to those slow, personal songs that have you wondering about distant past relationships, his feelings are definitely what draws people in.

Drake makes music that can relate to people of all ethnicities and nationalities. According to Rolling Stone, Drake was scheduled to go on tour sometime this October with fellow artists, Miguel, and hip-hop artist, Future.

However, due to Drake’s intense rehersal schdules and technical aspects of the show that have not been ironed out yet, the tour will be postponed.

The tour will kick off in the states and Canada and go across seas at a later date. Until then, Drake’s fans will wait in excited anticipation.

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