The hassle of online textbooks

When I sit down every night to do my homework I like to have a book in hand.

Call me old fashioned, but I feel like I will retain more knowledge from reading an actual book, than I will staring at a computer screen.

That is why I cannot understand why it is that people prefer online textbooks.

I understand that they are environmentally friendly, and all. However, how does this not bother anyone else?

I hate online homework, quizzes, projects, stupid discussion boards where everyone is annoyingly nice to each other.

No one wants to be “that kid” who gives this long, drawn-out response that honestly, no one really reads.

A lot of my professors have jumped on this bandwagon, and I cannot stand it.

When I went to purchase my textbooks for the 2013 semester I was left in dismay when I saw I needed to purchase two online textbooks and access codes.

For starters, online texts are costly.

I spent around $130 for my sociology class, and about $80 for my science class this semester.
These costs are not just expensive at Shippensburg University’s bookstore either — when I searched on for lower prices, or other websites that are known for selling or renting books, I was still looking to pay around $80.

It is not like you can re-sell these books after you are done with your classes either.
I found that you can sell back your used access code to certain websites, but that does not mean that it will work properly for someone else.

The thing about setting up an access code account is that after you register your code for your class, the course program you are using is practically saved to your personal account.
It is a one-and-done sort of situation.

I guess one of the reasons online books are so pricy is simply because they are online.

I swear, throw online into anything and the price will sky rocket.

I like having an actual book in my hand because I feel like I really purchased something.

When I buy online books or access codes I am dropping a decent amount of money on essentially a piece of paper with numbers on it.

I do not feel like I really purchased anything because once I am done with the class, I never visit that website again.

With an actual book, I have tangible evidence that I spent my money well.

When buying the print version of a book, you have options; you can search around for good deals, and there are tons out there on the web and in stores.

When you buy online texts, I feel like my options are limited because prices are pretty much the same wherever I look.

Being able to highlight and write in a book makes me feel like I am getting a lot out of it. Having the print version allows you to take the book to class with you so you can follow along with lectures.

I cannot speak for everyone else, but my professors do not allow laptops or cell phones in class so I cannot bring my e-book to class.

Technology is definitely advancing rapidly, and I understand why online texts are so popular, but just because you hold an actual book, rather than read online does not mean you are not learning.
With a hard copy of a text book I can bring it with me wherever I go. I could do the same with my laptop; however I may not always be near an outlet if my laptop needs charging.

Lugging around a laptop can be inconvient in itself ,too. Hard copies of textbooks are easy and simple.

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