The Academic Success Program: A positive summer experience

As a senior in high school, I could not wait to get to college, make new friends, become a whole new person and be who I really want to be.

While applying to colleges I could not help but apply here to Shippensburg University, and over all, it was one of the best decisions of my life.

I was accepted into the Academic Success Program. It was a tough decision, because no one wants to throw his or her summer away and go to school when I could have been lying on the beach.
ASP turned out to not be so bad.

It made coming into fall semester so much easier.

I knew where buildings were. I was so familiar with the campus that I was not worried about anything. I was also glad that I came into my freshman year knowing people.

Honestly, if I did not attend ASP, I would not have met my friends.

If I would not have met these great people, I think I would honestly be cooped up in my room.
However, since I had the chance to meet these people through ASP, I have been having the time of my life.

Since the start of college, classes have not been as hard as I thought they would be. It is definitely a huge change, do not get me wrong.

In college, you really do have to worry about your own work. The professor is not here to baby you and remind you to do your work. So staying on top of things is something I have had to get a hold on.

During my time in ASP I feel like I learned time management and how to handle my work load.
I like that I can manage my own schedule and tasks. Everywhere I turn I see a new friend being made and someone always there to help out.

SU is a great place to be; people, classes, even the dining halls are great.

I could not have been happier with my decision to come here and I am happy to call myself a Shippensburg University freshman.

I think this is the time of my life. There are so many opportunities here, and the only way to take advantage of them is to get out there.

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