Top 5 things to do as a freshman at SU

As summer 2013 comes to a close, a new wave of freshmen have arrived at SU. Congratulations to last year’s freshmen on their journey to upperclassmen.

As for the class of 2017, welcome to SU. Orientation can be helpful to new students and the sustainability of campus life, but there is much more to SU than that. These are five things freshman can do to have a successful first year.

1.) Do not just stand there, ask.
Nothing was ever accomplished by standing around.
If you are lost, homesick, sad, confused or failing, reach out to someone.
Even someone walking by may be helpful. SU has many resources, such as the counseling center, for students who need help or guidance, which can be found on the SU website.
It may be awkward to ask for help, but you will always benefit from it.

2.) Explore the town of Shippensburg and the surrounding areas.
Shippensburg may be a small town, but there is always something to do.
There are many restaurants and shops in town which can be reached on foot.
If you have access to a car, the Appalachian Trail is only about 10 minutes away.
Gettysburg, Carlisle and Chambersburg are also nearby and have many tourist sites as well as restaurant and shopping opportunities.

3.) Try new things.
Whether it is attending a Raider football game or joining a club, trying new things can get you out of your comfort zone and help shape who you are.
This goes for undeclared students as well.
By taking risks, it makes decisions a lot easier once you have gained some experience. College is the great experimentation frontier, so it is better to say you have than have not.

4.) Visit Shippensburg websites not affiliated with SU to get in the loop.
There are many websites out there that are not associated with SU.
These range from the humorous to the informational and can all be found by a search engine or word of mouth.
This is a great way to stay in the loop of what is happening on campus or just for a good laugh.

5.) Keep your friends close.
Everyone needs his or her motley crew, and forming a group of close friends can keep you happy.
Getting to know people may feel weird at first, but these are the people with whom you will be spending the next four years.
It is important to form a group that shares your interests and keeps you motivated throughout the year.

Traditionally, it is never a good idea to talk to strangers, but in this case it is necessary.
These five ideas are only a small example of things to do as an SU freshman.

Freshman year is one of the most memorable experiences throughout your college career, so take the time to enjoy it and excel at it.

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