EIC calls for change at SU


Editor-in-Chief Cara Shumaker

Dear Slate Readers,

Time has been passing too quickly. Summer has come and gone and a new school year is upon us.
We all grew up a little more this summer. We all changed just a little bit more.

This year will be filled with new experiences and new friends.

Construction on campus hasn’t completely finished, but it’s getting closer to being done. There are three new residence halls and more are now underway.

When I started my freshman year in 2010, I never would have guessed that campus would have changed so much.

But, as campus changed, so has The Slate. It went from a big, broadsheet paper to an easier-to-read tabloid style paper.

The Slate has also had constant staff changes through the years and each and every person brings something new and different to the production and to the paper. From every writer, photographer and editor, they all give something different to The Slate.

I expect that this year will be no different from past years. With the field of journalism changing rapidly, I’m looking forward to keeping up with the industry at Shippensburg.

With more updates to our website and using social media more while also creating more video content online, we want to embrace the web.

My goal for this year is for The Slate to become an online presence where Shippensburg students, parents, faculty and alumni turn for the latest Shippensburg news and information.

That goal isn’t possible without trials, triumphs and a lot of coffee. It is also impossible without the help of you, our readers, and the staff’s efforts.

Think about your own goals for this year and see what you need to do to reach them. Do you need to study more?

Do you use two of those three skips your professor gave you? Do you need to get more sleep? (I probably do.)

Let’s see how much we can change at Shippensburg this year.

Good luck,

Cara Shumaker

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