Where is technology going?

I recently read an article online that was about technology.

Where is technology going?

Look how the tech industry has grown.

Gadgets that we have today.

These were all topics that the article covered, and it got me thinking that we really have come a long way in a moderately short amount of time.

The advent of Apple has been huge.

It is the most watched technology company in the world, and it continues to crank out a new gadget every couple of months.

People love how sleak and high tech its products look.

Apple has given us hand held computers that run our lives.

It is really amazing to see how society has changed in the past 10 years.

I remember physically calling my friends, not texting, when I was little and asking them to play.

Before that I remember knocking on doors for all of my friends and asking their parents if they could play.

Can you imagine going around campus and knocking on doors for our friends nowadays?

I am picturing everyone running around on the weekend on their scooters or bicycles ringing doorbells with hopes to end boredom.

Every adult out there who grew up in the ‘80s or before then are rolling their eyes at me right now but, that is what I grew up with.

My roommates and I will text each other in a group text while we are all home but just in different rooms.

I know that is sad and lazy but I am sure we are not the only ones.

Technology has made our lives so much easier.

We have become so dependent on it and it makes me wonder how it could get any more advanced.

Google is making glasses that are going to allow all of us to seem bionic.

If these bad boys pan out, then Google will have created glasses that can take pictures, let us read messages, send messages, etc.

That is something that is crazy to think about.

Where once people would wonder where we would be with technology in the next 10 or 20 years, we can now almost wonder what the next iPhone will have in a year.

A computer is so much more than an entertainment device today.

It could be used as a weapon.

Hackers are gaining the ability to control people’s lives through their laptops.

You can hide information about yourself in all the tedious and well placed files you want, but that does not mean that someone could not find them.

What if one day we arrive at the point where we do not even have to leave our houses to get what we want?

What if it gets to the point that in order to really be a part of society we need to be fully equipped with an array of technological devices.

Actually, we are sort of there.

Is it not strange to others when you meet someone who does not have a cell phone?

Although technology is amazing and it has given us more than we could ever ask for, maybe we should ask ourselves how much more we really need?

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