University Grille Offers Unique Wing Challenge


The wing challenge is eating five wings smothered in the sauce in less than 10 minutes

The University Grille in Shippensburg, Pa. is offering a unique new challenge to spice up its menu.

The kitchen staff at the restaurant has created a unique new food challenge in hopes of exciting their customers. Steven Walczyk, one of the line cooks at the University Grille, created the sauce for the spicy wing challenge. He described the sauce as “really hot” and “pure heat, with a bit of smoky flavor.”

“The sauce is habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, blended up with cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper as a base with oil, and a little bit of hot sauce as the base of the sauce,” Walczyk said. “ Then added into that you have ghost chili powder extract, which is the hottest pepper in the world, as well as Thai chili peppers, which are the second hottest pepper in the world, and a lot of both of those. All of that combined into a sauce.”

The wing challenge is eating five wings smothered in the sauce in less than 10 minutes. The customers at University Grille dared the cooks to create a sauce that was truly “extra hot,” which inspired the cooks to create the spicy wing challenge.

“Every week I make our extra hot sauce and I’ve made it continuously hotter and hotter, and there were always those people that were like, ‘Oh, that’s not that hot!’ So we got the idea to make a sauce that was incredibly hot. We just wanted to, well, shut people up essentially,” Walczyk said.

According to Walczyk, if a customer can eat five wings in less than 10 minutes,he or she wins a T-shirt. However, if a customer can eat more than five, he or she will win a plaque that will be on display in the restaurant with his or her name on it, along with the number of wings eaten.

The University Grille is located at 32 E. King St. in the Shippen Place Hotel.

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