SU anticipates Travis Porter performance


Cancel all of your plans for this Sunday night, April 7. Travis Porter is about to blow the roof off Shippensburg University.

Sara Kobus, the Activities Program Board’s concert chairperson, has a first-hand account of how excited the students are for this concert.

“I see a lot of students stopping to take pictures of the posters. We get tons of emails and phone calls every day,” Kobus said.

Travis Porter consists of Ali (Lakeem Mattox), Quez (Donquez Woods), and Strap (Harold Duncan). The group got its start with a strong Internet presence and seven mixtapes.

After having labels come looking for them, they are now signed to RCA, whoich released Travis Porter’s debut album, “From Day 1,” in 2012.

SU students such as Jerome Pritchett cannot wait for Travis Porter.

“It’s going to be the best Sunday I’ve had in awhile. That’s the truth,” Pritchett said.

SU student Laura O’Donnell agreed. “I’m so excited for Travis Porter to give a concert on campus. This is something I definitely don’t want to miss,” O’Donnell said.

According to Kobus, there has been a recent spike in excitement with the announcement of opening act Vinny Smiles.

SU’s very own Kervince Michel, also known as Vinny Smiles, is looking forward to the opportunity.
“I am very excited for the chance to open for Travis Porter,” Michel said.

“I feel like all my hard work is starting to pay off, and people want to give me a chance so I can build my name up and get exposure.”

The doors open at 6 p.m. on Sunday, with Vinny Smiles taking the stage at 7.

“On April 7, me and my team SO90ENT., which stands for straight out the ’90s entertainment, will make a movie and tear the roof off the CUB. Don’t believe me? Just watch,” Michel said.

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