Spring Expo demonstrates entrepreneurship at SU

The campus saw an interesting sight this weekend with everything from professional cosmetics and handcrafted jewelry to traditional ocarinas and repurposed glass bottles gracing Heiges Field House.

For those who stopped by, better deals on such intriguing articles are sure to not be found again until this autumn’s Corn Festival.

But for those who stayed in or are completely befuddled by what strange occurrence brought these dissonant markets together under one roof, read on.

We have upon this campus a group that goes by the moniker of E-BOSS, an entrepreneurial organization that refuses to operate quietly, and instead, seeks to promote advanced experience for its members in order to facilitate whatever lifelong goals they may have.

This weekend’s Spring Expo was one such opportunity created by the members of E-BOSS to demonstrate what current entrepreneurs are doing across the country and what small businesses that were started by entrepreneurs have grown into over the years.

Being the first year for the Spring Expo, it was very much unknown how turn out would be or even if there would be enough vendors to have the event at all.

After several months of planning, however, the event managed to garner the support of several local businesses and even a few national and international organizations.

Founder and President, Joshua Rudley, said “The Spring Expo was a great opportunity for students and community members to meet and talk with local small business owners and entrepreneurs as well as purchase their products.

Those who attended the Expo seemed to enjoy the variety of products offered as much as the people selling them.

The expo, which was a fundraising opportunity hosted by the E-BOSS Entrepreneurship Club, taught its members how to plan and run an entire expo.

The event was a big success for the club, more than doubling their initial start up capital.
With Saturday being the final open house of the year, there were many parents and perspective buyers who stopped by to view the merchandise and seemed quite intrigued and enjoyed purchasing many of the different products.

Though turn out from the student population was lower than expected, E-BOSS was overall optimistic about the Spring Expo’s first run and are looking forward to preparing for more vendors, along with new and innovate ways to spread the word across campus about the event, for a second round next year.

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