Sports Editor Sam Stewart says farewell


Dear Slate Readers:

And here it is.
I have kept telling myself that this day would never come — that this moment in time would cease to exist if I closed my eyes and wished for one more day.

Time listens to no man, I’m afraid. Yes, time has run out for me as a student at Shippensburg University and no words, no advice and no words of encouragement can excuse the complex emotions that have run through me the last few months.

Throughout my time as the sports editor for The Slate, I have done what any other student on this staff has tried to do — to further their knowledge in this field, gain some valuable experience and forge new friendships along the way.

Luckily for me, I have been able to do more in the year that I was entrenched in this position. I, with the help of a few excellent assistants, have been able to increase the readership in the sports section, have made our sports section more visible through Facebook and Twitter and have made ourselves, what I believe, the No. 1 source for sport’s related news on a student-media level.

Of course none of that would have been possible without the tremendous work from the SU Sports Information Department. Sports Information Director Bill Morgal and his graduate assistant Kevin Kline have been nothing but helpful and have helped me collect any information that I ever needed. I am thankful to be able to work with a tandem that makes SU sports their livelihood.

With the help of tremendous leadership in Chelsea Wehking, Cara Shumaker and my adviser, Dr. Michael Drager, I have found the route in which I want to live my life. Sports were always a hobby before this. Now, it’s a passion that keeps me motivated as I head into a professional career.

I will be indebted to Cara and Dr. Drager as the two have gone out of their way to help me become the best friend and student that I could possibly become. I could go to the two of them with any problem, any editing tidbit that I needed, etc. Working with the two of them has made me realize what type of man I want to become as I head into the career field just as wide eyed as I was as I headed into college.

However, at least with their knowledge and their tutoring over the year, I will be able to overcome any obstacle that life throws out me.

Leaving this position has been a touchy subject since the beginning of this semester. I don’t want to leave a paper that has given me so much, but as the sand runs out, my time must end. I will never forget the friendships, the late nights, the countless stories and the ridiculous antics that went on in the office.

The sports section will be left in good hands as Ryan Trexler will take over my position. Although young, Ryan has a drive that I have never seen in an individual before. I have the utmost confidence that he will do a great job next year.

For me, I have been fortunate enough to call SU my home for the last four years. I had only one chance to live what many consider as the “best four years” you’ll ever have — and I leave with no regrets.

Forever a Raider,

Sam Stewart

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