Shippensburg goes one day without shoes


SU held its fourth annual “One Day Without Shoes” event on April 16. The project was started by alumna Lauren Gyurisin.

Shippensburg University students went barefoot for a day to raise awareness of children’s health and education.

On Tuesday, April 16, Shippensburg University went “One Day Without Shoes.’

This is the fourth year SU has participated in the “One Day Without Shoes” event. “One Day Without Shoes” is a day to bring global awareness by going without shoes.

For most, shoes are just a part of everyday life. You put them on and think nothing of it. Most people have multiple pairs for different occasions. However, there are many people throughout the world who have never even seen a pair of shoes.

Hookworms, a soil- transmitted parasite, affect 740 million people worldwide. Long-term physical effects include stunted growth, decreased cognitive development, anemia and chronic fatigue. The easiest way to help prevent the spread of hookworms is protection from soil.

While we may look at shoes as an accessory, they can save lives.

Studies show that children affected by hookworm are 20 percent less likely to go to school.

SU first got involved in the “One Day Without Shoes” project in 2010 with the help of then sophomore, now alumna, Lauren Gyurisin,. She started the project alone, created shirts and organized a walk.

With Gyurisin’s success, the “One Day Without Shoes” project was continued. In 2011, Ashley White and the Emerging Leaders group decided to get involved. Again, the project was a success and brought back for another year.

Involvement has grown steadily year after year for SU’s “One day Without Shoes.” The 2013 team included Ashley White, assistant director for student group services and leadership development, and students David Meckes, Amanda Gelber, Chris Paoli and Travis Coleman.

T-shirts are being sold for $5 with proceeds going to support the “One Day Without Shoes” project. They are still available for purchase at the CUB information desk.

For more information on the One Day Without Shoes visit

To get involved with the Emerging Leaders Group email

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