Not just bubble guns anymore


Keeping children safe in schools has always been a concern, but recently the anxiety has grown into a political issue.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) released a plan, that suggested teachers lawfully carry a gun when working at school.

Truthfully, does this sound like something that would give more parents ease?


Having teachers carry a weapon when schools are supposed to be a gun-free school zone is very hypocritical.

Teachers would have more weight on their shoulders knowing they are always armed, which, in return, would give children the wrong impression.

Children are normally fearful of guns and to enable guns to be carried throughout the school would make many children feel unsafe.

Letting children feel unsafe in a known safe environment’ is not the way to fix a growing issue.

A teacher carrying a weapon is not the solution to this issue.

Children could potentially begin to be comfortable near guns, which in turn could have adverse effects.

Keeping children insecure around weapons is a good indication that they will not have the want to experiment.

However, if guns were to be allowed in schools, there would be more of a comfort zone around something very dangerous.

Major concerns begin to arise in the effectiveness of testing for mental illness for teachers to carry a gun.

How can they truly determine if an individual is safe to carry a weapon?

At any time something could go awry deeming a teacher to be unfit to carry a weapon.

Keeping children safe should not be at the risk of the children themselves.

There should be a more developed plan to ensure safety.

Instead of the unreasonable idea of our teachers carrying a weapon, why not use service men and women to guard the schools or a police force.

These individuals signed up for a job that was dedicated to serving the country or communities and to keep children safe should make them feel as though they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Money may have to be spent to provide these services but so would money be spent to allow guns in schools.

Having trained professionals who signed up for a career that danger will be incurred is more logical than having a teacher who signed up for the complete opposite of a career.

Only time shall tell what the verdict of this political firestorm will be.

Guns in school or guns outside the school, literally.

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