Kauffman Gallery brings Italy to Shippensburg


The students had the option to either write a paper about their experience or submit one photograph to present at the exhibit.

The rich colors and jaw-dropping structures of Italy have come alive at Shippensburg University during the “Viaggiare in Italia” photography exhibit at the Kauffman Gallery, which opened on Thursday, April 4.

Students who attended the spring break trip hosted by the Art and Design department at SU presented each of their own favorite photographs taken during the trip. Participants traveled to Sorrento, Naples, Capri, Monte Cassino, Parco del Vesuvio and Rome, Italy.

The students had the option to either write a paper about their experience or submit one photograph to present at the exhibit. The department then printed the photographs using advanced digital printing technology known as Digital Fine Art Prints. At the end of the exhibit, the students were able to keep the prints.

Professors of art and design, William Whiteley and Michael Campbell — the director of the Kauffman Gallery — developed the idea over the summer when they were discussing ways to promote the gallery. They combined this with their plans to institute the digital printing, and the idea was formed.

The exhibit was clearly a hit. Nearly all those who attended the trip submitted a photograph. Out of the 32 people who went on the trip, 28 submitted photographs. Whiteley explained that the reason the number was not even closer was because some participants were married and chose to submit one photograph together.

Sophomore Grant Innerst, who attended the trip, thought the exhibit was a great idea.
“It’s a good way to sum up the trip to Italy, and it’s something to have as long as you live,” Innerst said.

Students were required to select one photograph, edit it and submit it to Whiteley. Whiteley then spent four days further editing and then printing all the photographs.

Photo by Chelsea Wehking / The Slate

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Photo by Chelsea Wehking / The Slate
Photo by Chelsea Wehking / The Slate

A photo from the Kauffman Gallery

SU student Brie Anzideo said she was amazed by how the exhibit turned out. “I never expected anything like this,” Anzideo said. “It’s amazing to see how they take it [their photographs] compared to somebody else. I think they’re all beautiful.”

Anzideo said she took over 700 photographs to choose from, which made it very difficult to decide on a photograph. Several students agreed one of the greatest challenges was selecting a photograph. Anzideo believed the trip and process was completely worth it. Anzideo, who went with her father, said it had always been her dream to go to Italy.

Whiteley said after the success of this exhibit, the department is likely to host a similar exhibit when the department travels to London, United Kingdom for spring break next year.

“Viaggiare in Italia” will be on display in the Kauffman Gallery until April 26. Hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m to 3 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The gallery is located in the Huber Art Center. For more information about the gallery or the 2014 spring break trip, visit www.ship.edu/art/gallery or www.ship.edu/art/spring_break_trip. or www.ship.edu/art/spring_break_trip.

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