Always use the simple things in life to stay happy


I believe in weather altering your mood. When it is raining, the second I wake up and see how dark my room is, I want to fall back asleep.

This morning I woke up and saw the sun shining and heard the birds tweeting outside and instantly knew it was going to be a good day.

This is not the same for everyone, but for me, the weather sets the mood for my whole day to come.

Shippensburg weather is bipolar, we all know that. It rains, it snows, it is cold, then warm, then it will rain again.

And we all know how much we love Shippensburg’s rain.

But this week the weather forecast is nothing but beautiful weather, however a chance of rain, of course.

I can see it written on everyone’s faces when the weather gets warm.

Shorts are taken out, T-shirts without heavy sweatshirts are finally worn outside and people look happier.

The basketball court in College Park Commons has been packed the last two days with people laughing and having the time of their lives. It is like we have all been hibernating and we are finally coming out into the world again. The smell of charcoal, grilling burgers and steaks, blasting music and having a good time with your friends all happens during this time.

Everyone is happier when the weather is nicer. I know that my entire mood changes.

I start not caring so much that I have to walk to class. I begin to want to be outside more, walking around, wearing my flip-flops and soaking up the sun.

Grilling, drinking a cold drink, laughing with my friends, playing basketball, wearing my sun glasses, driving with the windows down and music blasting is the best time of my life.

These are all things that make me happy.

However, should the weather really alter our moods? Why are we not happy even when it is raining?

I think this is a problem. You never see people smiling and acting happy when it is raining or freezing.

It is too much work to play basketball in the cold because you just do not want to be outside.

And no one wants to grill when there is snow on the ground.

These are the little things that make some people happy.

I know my friends are all more energetic, happy and willing to do more when it is nice out.

This weekend we all sat out on our balconys and talked all day, having a great time enjoying the weather. However, even though happiness comes from the simple things, those simple things should not always be during good weather.

My Twitter feed is full of happy people lately, which is a change from the awful complaining it has been.

Everyone should be thankful for what they have all the time and be happier people.

The amount of negativity that is brought by unpleasent weather is unreal.

I see a complete change in my friends when the sun is out and I wish everyone was this happy all the time.

The sunshine makes everyone happy, we know that, but finding the simple things at the times of the day where you cannot get outside or find things to do, is what people need to do more.

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