University Grill's best tasting grilled cheese


Sometimes the best way to judge a place is by how the simplest food is prepared.

The University Grille, located on East King Street, serves one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had.

I stopped by for a late lunch one day and could not make up my mind on what to order from the menu options, so my indecisiveness led to a classic: grilled cheese.

The service was fast, so I had my sandwich in no time.

The sandwich was cut sideways into two triangles, which is a great way to eat a grilled cheese sandwich compared to having it be cut down the middle in two rectangles.

The bread was nicely grilled and not too flat, which can be detrimental to a grilled cheese sandwich.

It was not underdone nor overdone; it was just right and offered a satisfying crunch when I took a bite.

The bread was crunchy on the edges, yet chewy in the center to offer a mix-up of texture.

The cheese was a delicious consistency, and it pulled into a stringy mess when I took a bite.

The sandwich was not too greasy either, but it was buttered perfectly.

I also ordered a bowl of tomato bisque to go with it.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup complement each other nicely. The bisque was well seasoned and really hot when it arrived at my table. I then commenced to dunk my grilled cheese sandwich into my tomato bisque and proceeded to eat the sandwich and soup simultaneously without utensils.

This is a very important ritual to get the most out of the grilled cheese experience.

When I had finished, I received the bill and found it to be very reasonable for such an amazing grilled cheese.

Overall, the University Grille offers fast service, reasonable prices and a really good grilled cheese sandwich.

I will be going back to the University Grille for more grilled cheese sandwiches in the future.

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