Sandy Hook shooting is definitely not a conspiracy

We will all forever remember Dec. 14, 2012.

This was the day 20-year-old Adam Lanza drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Ct. and shot and killed 20 children and six adults.

This was the second deadliest incident of a school shooting since the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.

The loss of these young lives has weighed on the hearts of millions as all of our prayers go out to families who lost a loved one on that day.

The children and adults who died on Dec. 14 should be commemorated, and their memory should remain untainted.

Unfortunately, the Sandy Hook “truthers” are slandering the names of these innocent people.
If you have not heard, a month after the shootings occurred, a video was posted to YouTube questioning the legality of the shootings.

OK, why would anyone question whether or not these shootings occurred?

There were 26 people who were buried by their grieving families and this alleged group of teenagers has the audacity to question whether or not these shootings were contrived by the United States government?

The video that this young group of men posted on YouTube is about 30 minutes long and outlines the events on the day of the shooting, and the few days afterward.

The creators of the video have created nation wide speculation regarding the shooting, and the legitmacy of the events that occured throughout that day.

Throughout the video they question and try to prove that the government created this charade as a political tactic to gain support on gun control.

The mental stability of the video creators is clearly no better than Adam Lanza’s if they truly believe the US would bother creating this hoax.

One aspect of the video that truly, as Nick Sentman would say, “grinds my gears,” is the questioning of the parents who lost their children.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who believe this whole conspiracy is true, then I believe you have no morals or compassion.

No one has the right to tell anyone how to grieve during a time of loss.
It depends on the person and the situation.

Two of the parents who were criticized for their grieving patterns were Robbie Parker, and Lynn McDonnell. Robbie Parker was the father of Emilie Parker, who sadly was killed during the shootings.

During a press conference, the video creators questioned Parker’s sudden mood change when he goes from smiling to suddenly upset.

The conspiracy theorists believe Parker was able to suddenly change his mood so quickly because he was a crisis actor.

If Parker were a crisis actor than people in the Sandy Hook community would have questioned who he was.

No one came forth to say, “Hey, I have never seen him around town before. I have never heard of Emilie Parker. She must not have friends or family.”

If you buy into this, what are you thinking?

Lynn McDonnell was criticized because the video creators caught her smiling and laughing on camera.

I swear these people are idiots.

The clip that they used to show McDonnell was muted and showed her laughing.

If you listen to the actual interview she is talking about her daughter Grace’s memory, and all of the wonderful things she was.

At a funeral do you just cry?

No. You laugh and remember the good in someone’s life. No one questions laughter then, so why is it wrong now?

It is not fair that these individuals are able to get away with creating such a slanderous video.
They are accusing the government of staging this whole hoax.

I mean seriously? So, what you are telling me is that the CIA, the masters of sneaky, planned this whole charade and was so sloppy in their planning, that a group of deranged, bored, stupid and uninformed teenagers were able to expose the U.S. government?

I am laughing right now.

The families who lost their loved ones should not have to explain their son or daughter’s death.
It happened.

They are gone.

These people are lunatics who claim they are just asking questions.


What they are doing is starting trouble where trouble is not needed.

If you believe the Sandy Hook shooting never happened, then you are the worst form of human possible.

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