New dorms bring new memories for SU students


All around campus, the sound of cascading bricks, shattering glass and growling bulldozers can be heard invading the quiet and serene campus to which we have grown accustomed.

Older buildings sit vacant and dark, and slowly are transforming into unidentifiable piles of rubble.
The second phase has begun.

Last week brought the demolition of McCune Hall really signifying the end of the old Shippensburg University. Other dorms to follow are Seavers Apartments, Lackhove Hall, and my personal favorite, Kieffer Hall.

All to make way for the new dorms like the new ones recently opened on campus.

It is sad to see where your college life began disappear, especially when you are about to disappear from SU yourself.

But progress is a necessary part of life, and rarely can you achieve things without sacrifices.

Kieffer Hall was the building where I met my closest friends who I still cherish today.

But it is also the building where mold grew on my wall, and had to be replaced.

Kieffer was the building where I learned I could make it on my own.

But it was also the building where the roof leaked and destroyed two of my textbooks. Kieffer was the building where I planned my anticipated future. But it was also the building where I wore my winter coat in my room until maintenance fixed the heat.

That place holds special memories for me, but it is undoubtedly time for it to go.

As saddened as I am to see such a memorable place empty with a rapidly approaching expiration date, I know it is for the best.

SU is breaking ground on a whole new chapter of the institution’s future, and creating the possibilities for more students, like me, to cherish memories of their college experiences.

SU may be destroying the buildings where many memories were made, but no wrecking ball can destroy the memories we still laugh about amongst friends.

Change is not always bad; usually it is for the best.

It is how you embrace the change that really matters.

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