How Far a creative mind can carry you in life


When I was little, creativety came easily.

All I asked to recieve for Christmas, my birthday or even Easter was paper, colored pencils, crayons and markers.

All I ever wanted to do was draw, color and write.

When little, children make up imaginary friends, events that happen and stories in their heads.
I see this all the time with my three nephews.

But why do we lose that?

Obviously we do not walk around with imaginary friends that get us in trouble like in the movie, “Drop Dead Fred,” but you get the picture.

When I was in first grade and my teacher had me right down what I wanted to be when I grew up I wrote “a writer.”

So why did I forget about that for so long?

That kills me.

I really want to know what happened to my creativity for so long.

I stopped drawing, writing in my free time and creating crafts, just for the fun of it.

Being creative is so good for you.

Now I am not saying you should be sitting around and coloring in class, but to think creatively is what we have lost.

I have the class poetry writing and feature writing this semester and both classes really opened my eyes. Though they are very different, they both call for creative language, words, titles and using metaphors, similies and alliteration.

These are things we learn when we are younger to make funny stories for our teachers.
But it pretains to my life now.

I spent so many years in high school saying, why do I need to read literature?
Why do we do these dumb activities with words?

But now I understand.

I spent so much of my life blocking out creativity because it did not mean much to me, but now it does.

In these two classes this semester, I have been forced to open my eyes again.

It has not been an easy four weeks trying to figure out how to reopen my mind to new and old creative things.

My feature writing class has got me so stumped because my brain cannnot think of new ideas as easily anymore.

Poetry Writing has my brain fried trying to think of ways to use different syllables, words and phrases in my poetry.

I used to write poetry every day, but now all of a sudden it is hard for me again.

I blocked out so many good things in my brain and now I am realizing how horrible that is.

Creativity can carry you so far through life.

Everyone wants someone in their business to have new, creative and smart ideas.

Careers all over the world are looking for people with new ideas, great things to promote their companies and new ways to get people interested in what they are selling; this all starts with creativity.

So, everyone should be digging out their little kid minds and being creative more often. Sometimes it is hard to remember what you learned as a child or even in high school, but this semester, some of those things were brought back to my daily life.

I draw and write every day and am starting to make lists through my iPhone about story ideas for my feature writing class.

I am slowly trying to fight through the fog in my mind and pull out ideas that have been pushed back for years.

Sitting in class with a group of people shouting out creative ideas can be intimidating.

But listening to others can spark your own interests and creative ideas.

So do yourself a favor, start thinking more creativily and open your mind to new things- — it will help you in the long run.

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