How and what did good television turn into?

I am sure that everyone has heard of the new MTV show, “Buckwild.”

To be honest, I wish I never had.

The phrase “mindless television” is an understatement when describing the absolutely ridiculous content of this show. If you live under a rock and have not heard about the show, then I can give you a quick description on what you are not missing out on.

The show is basically a redneck version of “Jersey Shore.”

I mean that with no offense to rednecks, either.

On a serious note, the show chronicles a group of young adults and their love for small-town life in West Virginia.

They make their own fun and look like idiots doing it.

The show has its moments, but the gist of it is just senseless.

When MTV first approached residents of West Virginia about creating the show, the feedback it received was negative.

Sen. Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, wrote an adamant letter to producers at MTV requesting that the show be canceled before it airs.

“This show plays to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes about the people of West Virginia,” Manchin said.

This is the general consensus among people residing in West Virginia.

Manchin and his fellow state locals are concerned for the well being of the young adults in the show, and for the rest of the young viewing population.

Manchin explained in his letter to MTV that he felt the producers of the show were coaxing young adults into displaying dangerous, shameful behavior.

Oh, Sen. Manchin, how naïve could you be?

People performing dangerous activities for the nation to see are what pulls in the ratings. The days of wholesome TV shows like “Full House” or “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” are over. Now, the only way to successfully entertain the viewing audiences is to involve inhuman amounts of alcohol and bad decisions.

I miss TV shows from the 90s. I miss “Saved by the Bell” and “Boy Meets World.”

Those were shows about life.

Those were shows about what it is like to be young. Those were shows that people could relate to easily.

Yes, they were a tad corny, but I think we all need a little corny in our lives.

I think older shows portrayed life in a realistic way. I mean, Cory and Topanga, hands down, are the best couple to ever grace this planet.

I want to root for characters, not laugh at their lack of intelligence.

I would be proud of a daughter like Kelly or a son like Shawn.

If my daughter ends up like one of the girls on “Buckwild,” then I pretty much failed as a parent. I am so sick of reality TV.

I love shows like “Pretty Little Liars” but I doubt anyone else in the world has an anonymous killer after them that identifies themseleves as A.

That does not happen in reality.

I think we all need to come down off the cloud on which we have perched ourselves. These shows continue to become more wild and the characters on these shows should be embarrassed.

What has happened to television?

I am tired of changing the channel and constantly being dissapointed by what I see on TV.

It is exhausting. I think Mr. Feeny said it best, and the characters on these shows should listen: “Oh gain some dignity, man!”

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