Against the banning of all guns, agree with safer policies

“The gun control proposals President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden issued are for the better.”

That is a bold statement because I come from an area where everyone has guns, either for protection or for hunting purposes. I will be the first to say that when I turn 21 in a few days, I will be allowed to own and carry my own gun, which is something I am going to look into for my own safety.

But I am not mentally unstable, violent with weapons or a threat to this country like some people.
The facts that I agree with most are the ones of stricter background checks when purchasing guns, schools having emergency management plans to keep children and faculty safer and making sure the public, which is the president’s responsibility for this country, is safer.

So many deaths occur from gun violence each year.

Compared to how many people we have in the U.S., people assume that it does not seem like a lot, but I believe it is.

I am not against guns.

I think Obama got hit hard with horrible comments and crazy individuals who care so much about their rights to have guns.

Any president in his position, standing in front of handfuls of families who lost children and family members, would do the same.

He got backed into this decision and in reality, what were his other options?

Ignore what happened and not release a new issue of gun control?

Upset families who have lost loved ones to gun violence and say, it is America’s right to have guns?
Sure, it is our right, but we should not be killing people with them either.

I believe in what the president is trying to do and that he is thinking of this from a managerial perspective, a protector of our country and as a father of two young girls.

What I want to know is why someone needs high capacity magazines containing more than 10 rounds?

States all around the U.S. agree.

States such as New York, Massachusetts, Maryland and Colorado have issued stricter background checks on gun and ammunition buyers, and some are even limiting how many gun sales they can have in a month.

New York’s governor and gun owner Andrew Cuomo has signed the NY Safe Act, and has now banned military-style assault weapons.

Do people really need them? You can hunt with guns that are not like that.

Obama faces heavy opposition from many cities, states and people throughout the U.S. because some things just cannot be prevented.

This act would not have prevented the Newtown, Conn., shooting because the young man used his mother’s guns.

It cannot prevent someone traveling to a different state with weaker restrictions to buy a gun, then driving back to his or her state and using the weapons forcefully and irresponsibly.

This scares me as an individual.

I have no idea what I would do if a person came on to Shippensburg University’s campus with an assault weapon and started firing off rounds like he is Tony Montana in “Scarface.” That should never be an issue and I hope one day people understand that, and act less insane and violent.
President Obama is just trying to make peace and do his job. Lighten up.

I know there will always be disagreements to what the president does and says because you cannot make everyone happy all the time; that is a lesson learned in this life.

And everyone is always entitled to their own opinions and views on topics and people sure do voice them.

But I really do feel that stricter background checks, limitations for buying weapons and safer schools is completely necessary to keep us all safe.

Believe what you want, but I do not think that anyone in this country can agrue the fact that safety is something they do not want in their lives.

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