Campus construction vs. time convenience


We live our lives with the intention to make things as convenient as possible.

We drive the shortest and fastest routes and walk the shortest and quickest paths to our destinations.

As college students, I know most of us plan the exact amount of time it takes to get from rooms to classrooms, with time to spare.

Since last semester I have known the minutes it would take me to get from College Park to Rowland Hall but that was time wasted now that my path has been made longer.

The construction on campus is what I like to call, the “dog pen.”

I first learned of this inconvenient excuse for “construction,” when I was walking on campus a few days before classes began.

I became very confused and could not figure out how to get out of the fenced in area behind Grove Hall.

I felt like a dog running around its pen, trying to find one little way to escape and be free. The commuter parking lot behind Dauphin Humanities Center and the whole path next to the dorms on the hill are also fenced in, making going around the fence impossible.

This upsets me more than you know. To walk to Rowland Hall, I now have to walk around Grove, up past DHC through campus. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it is something I have to complain about.

Not only am I a busy college student, like the rest of you, I leave work 30 minutes before my first class starts. I need to be able to get to class as quickly as possible, so I can make money to support myself and attend class on time as well. Right now it is also snowing and frigid outside.
Why would I want to be outside for longer than needed?

I do not know what this huge dog pen is fencing off exactly, but it does not seem to be much of anything; it is only inconveniencing everyone who has to walk around it.

I do not want to sound like the princess that cannot walk a little farther, or the person who does not want to leave earlier for class to get there on time; that is not my intention.
All I am saying is that I would like my fast route to class back.

Construction is something we cannot control. Our campus is getting even larger and more beautiful with everything the workers do. I am grateful to live and attend school in such a wonderful place.

But, I do pay to go here and I am entitled to my opinion.

All I am saying is that walking around this dog pen is not something I am happy about.
Please finish this construction business shortly and maybe contain what you are fencing off.
I will not speak for everyone when I say this, but I hate being inconvenienced.

We live in a fast world with the intention to slow our lives down, but we love to do everything at the time we want to.

And by the way, it is too cold out for this nonsense.

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