Finals week causes stress as it approaches

Finals are only one week away and for some students that means the studying will soon begin.

Other students may not feel the same, but before long, they too will hit the books to make sure they do well and collect this semester’s credits.

Across campus one can see the signs of finals weeks.

In Franklin Science Center, students can be seen sitting together in the hallways going over their notes and discussing lecture topics with one another.

Many of the same signs can be seen in the CUB and the library.

Some students begin to panic when finals approach while others remain cool under pressure.
Tisen Shrawder, a junior psychology major, does a little bit of both.

“I’d say the week leading up to finals is the most stressful,” Schrawder said. “But during finals week, I calm down because I either know the material or I don’t.”

Even though he is worried about some of his finals, Shrawder has a plan.

He studies by going over old tests and seeing what he did wrong, fixing it and then using the tests as study guides.

This allows him to not only review the information, but also familiarize himself with his different professor’s testing styles.

Connor Schneps, a sophomore dual majoring in biology and exercise science, is beginning to stress over finals, but he is also doing his best to remain calm.

The weeks leading up to finals are not Schneps’ favorite weeks of the semester, but they are not as bad as some people make them out to be.

“I don’t think I’d characterize them as being stressful,” Schneps said. “Certainly daunting, but not stressful.”
However, all hope is not lost.

While students are worried about what will happen in the next few weeks, many are also looking forward to the freedom the end of finals week promises.

Some students will head home for winter break while others will hang around to spend time with friends before leaving Shippensburg.

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