End of semester show rocks The Thought Lot


Four bands, friends and plush couches sound like a good time.

As the bands took the stage, more and more people poured into The Thought Lot, which is a contemporary arts center on East Garfield Street in Shippensburg. The event was to help celebrate the end of the semester and was held by SU senior Rachael Oberman.

The event was kicked off around 7 p.m. with a band named Mozo. The following band, Black Black Beast brought their own genre that they call “experimental-wave-mythology-NES-bicycle-beer-cow farm- post-rock.” Band members Travis Kendle, Brian McDermott, Dan Schuchman, Kyle Clever and Andrew Pensinger from Chambersburg played a mixture of old and new instrumental songs that blew the audience’s mind.

Dan Schuchman, guitarist, said the performance went really well, and since they were not able to perform last week, it was good to be back on stage.

The indie rock show continued with The Classic Hunt, who came from Philadelphia to entertain a crowd with their mix of many different sounds. With guitarists, a drummer, keyboard player and a trumpet player, you cannot really go wrong.

The lead singer’s mellow voice filled the room with a mood of chill satisfaction. They closed the show with a few more upbeat songs.

For the last band, White Like Fire the couches were taken away because you could not just sit and listen to their upbeat mix of indie, pop and rock. From Pittsburgh, the trio Blake, Tyler and Joe had an interactive rocking out party with band members jumping into the crowd and singing alongside their fans.

Alysia Clawson, Blake and Tyler’s sister, said “seeing White Like Fire is like seeing the world in a different way, like being born again.”

She was obviously supportive of her brothers pursuing their careers and doing something they love. They even made a promise that “hot people come to their shows and they 100 percent guarantee you might fall in love at one of their shows.”

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