Why the communications department at SU is best for us


The Communication/Journalism Department at Shippensburg, has given me more than I could have ever asked for.

While I was once nervous to pursue my career in this field, I now only feel confident and excited to show the print world what I can do.

Each major emphasis in this program holds a variety of options for students.
Students are given hands-on experience that is incredibly valuable.

For instance, yesterday I attended my very first Public Relations Student Society of America meeting. I felt like I was sitting in a corporate office listening to gainfully employed PR practitioners.

The professionalism I observed was impressive, and the work that this organization has done can be found everywhere on campus.

Has anyone ever watchedSUTV?

If not, you should.

Our university’s student television program was nominated and won an Emmy.

Imagine being a part of an organization that has won the same award as some of Hollywood’s best actors.

Anyone ever listen to WSYC-FM?

The We Serve Your Community radio station at SU can now be heard all around campus.

Music and ads pertaining to information around SU can be heard over the air daily in Reisner Dining Hall and The Cub. Finally, The Slate.

Now, I am not just saying this because I write for the student newspaper, but I do not think people appreciate the time and effort the staff members on this newspaper really put in.

The cover pages are hand drawn, the pictures are taken and edited by staff members and the articles are created with the hard-working intent to educate and entertain.

People make the excuse to say they do not like to read.

Well, I do not buy it.

I think the people who say this are just lazy and too single-minded to care about the student organizations that set their school apart from others.

To everyone who does not pay attention to these student media groups, you are missing out.
When I sit in classes for my major, something that I love to see is the love my professors have for this profession.

You can see the passion they have given, and they are more than willing to pass some of that drive off to their students.

I love the variety of classes I can take and I can unequivocally say I have never felt more certain of my future than I do now.

I am not just learning how to write for a newspaper, but for so much more. I am learning how use the English language.

I am learning history and my future profession played a large role in shaping this country.

This department lives and breathes hard work and determination, and I love to watch the passion from my professors as they tell me how much they love their line of work. I look forward to the day where I can put the SU Communication/Journalism Department on my resumé.

I know it will take me far.

I know that I have made the right decision to attend SU.

I hope other students make the same decision too.

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