SU welcomes Roger Hodgson, voice of Supertramp


On Friday, The H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center continued its concert series, by bringing Roger Hodgson: The Legendary Voice of Supertramp to the stage.

Hodgson brought his music to the stage with a five-piece band that gave the big sound of a full orchestra. Hodgson was greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd after being introduced.

He walked humbly on stage, addressing the crowd immediately. He let the crowd know that he was pleased to be at SU, and even though he did not have time to see much of the area, he was pleased to be here.

He went on to say that the music he was about to play was a journey of his life, and it was made during a time when he was younger and wanted to express himself.

Hodgson started the concert by connecting with his audience, and then he started with the song “Take the Long Way Home,” after some technical difficulties with instruments.

He paused again and commented on his age and said he was grateful to still be playing and touring around the world.

He told the crowd he just came from performing in New Jersey, where people had lost everything and how the people there were a reminder of what was good about life. Hodgson heckled late comers stating, “You missed the best songs of the show, and maybe we should start the concert over.”


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As the concert continued, he charmed the crowd with songs like “School,” “In Jeopardy” and gave a commanding performance of “Lovers in the Wind” in center stage while playing a baby grand piano. He said it always impressed him when someone wrote to him and told him his music helped someone in some way.

Hodgson began his next song by taking time to speak to the crowd and make sure the people were in good spirits.

He also took time to tune his 12-string guitar on stage between songs. He introduced his keyboard player Aaron MacDonald, who also played soprano and tenor saxophone, and piccolo.

MacDonald spoke to the crowd very softly and humbly, saying he was grateful to be on tour with Roger Hodgson so he could share his talent with people around the world. Hodgson continued the concert with “Breakfast in America,” “Lady,” “The Logical Song,” followed by a short intermission. When the group returned to the stage, Hodgson started the set with the song “Child of Vision” and “Lord is it Mine.”

Hodgson told the audience that with all the music he has written over the years, he did not have a favorite song, but each has a special place in his life.

He explained how he goes about creating songs playing different riffs from the guitar and then announced the song he was about to play named “The Awakening” was not yet recorded and that it was something he had been working on.

He also performed “Death and a Zoo” and the song “Dreamer” which helped to make the night memorable.

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