Class schedule causes stress and fear of the future


One of the worst things that I deal with as a student is scheduling.

I get so tired of my classes when the semester is coming to an end.

A fresh start is always something I need and enjoy when it comes along.

But the whole scheduling period is madness.

First you start out with meeting with your adviser.

This is only helpful if you do not know what you are doing, otherwise, it is a waste of time for both of you.

Then, when you get your personal identification number to register with, you start panicking that you are not going to get in the classes you need.

I go through this every semester.

I only want to be here for the four years I need to be in college to get my degree.

Not only is this saving time so I can start my life sooner, but it is also saving so much money in tuition to be out in four years.

Not everyone gets this lucky obviously. Many people are on the five-year plan and some get lucky enough to only be a semester behind.

Whether it is from scheduling conflicts, transfering credits from previous schools or dropping classes you were not doing well in, your schedule and years of schooling can get altered quickly.
So I usually devise a plan before even looking up classes online.

I find out what classes I need and figure out any possible outcome of not getting them, dropping them or doing poorly in them.

This is also very stressful.

Looking at your future years in college and realizing you could be here an extra semester all because you could not take that one class that is only offered in the spring, is mind numbing.
So when looking up your classes you start to see there is only one section for each class you need.
What is that, roughly 25-30 students in that class?

And most of those classes you can only take in the spring or fall semesters, so if you do not get into the class, you are doomed.

This creates anxiety, at least for me it does.

I cannot tell you how stressed out I am over scheduling periods.

Picking what classes you need, want and are required to take for your major is stressful enough, but add the competition of actually not getting those classes — talk about a headache.

Advisers and professors do all that they can to help you get into your classes.

Waiting lists are made and sometimes personal favors are done to try and get students into the classes they need to graduate on time.

I think, here at Shippensburg University, we are lucky to have the professionals we do, teaching and advising us to get where we need to be.

Our education is very important to the people of this university and I am grateful for that. But, being a person who does not handle stress well, I treat scheduling periods very seriously and it always ends badly for me.

Take my advice, breathe.

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