SHAPE Gallery hosts "Zen" exhibit


The SHAPE Gallery, located in the heart of downtown Shippensburg, is hosting the Zen exhibit, featuring the works of artists Deborah Feller and Tony Zizzi.

Feller started creating art with glass in 1982 and opened her business “The LeTort Glass Studio” in 2002. Each of Feller’s projects are major accomplishments of art and consist of multiple techniques that Feller has mastered throughout the years. The art displayed at the SHAPE Gallery can only be explained as a unique experience.

With her ability to heat glass and manipulate it into different shapes, textures and colors, Feller continues to study and to create art with glass to this day. Feller said, “Glass has taught me a new type of patience which carries over into other aspects of my life.”

Zizzi’s art works of wood and photography are demonstrated through the manipulation of light, and are done through meditation in natural settings. His abstract art, which has gotten him major notoriety across the country is creatively displayed also in the exhibit.

In his pursuit of special moments, Zizzi creates his art through the light around him which can only be achieved at certain times of the day. Zizzi finds the perfect combination of Kelvin temperatures of light with correct shutter speeds to create optical perfection in his portraits and artwork.

The result can only be explained as breathtaking photography and woodwork. Zizzi was quick to point out his process of becoming one with the nature around him by always meditating before taking his photos or starting a project, and by using museum-grade materials to complete his artwork.

The art displayed by each artist is a feast for the eyes and should not be missed. The SHAPE Gallery hours are from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. The Zen exhibit is open and free to the public and will be on display now through Oct. 26.


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