Local thrift store supports animal shelter


Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter Thrift Store

The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter Thrift Store is the ideal store for any college student – a place to buy a variety of things for cheap while doing some good for the community.

The CVAS Thrift Store is located on the corner of King and Earl Streets, within walking distance of campus.

It is one of two stores used to support the animal shelter that provides a home for abandoned dogs and cats in Cumberland Valley.

When you first enter the CVAS Thrift Store, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff. Everywhere you look there seems to be something on a shelf or stacked on the floor.
Although there seems to be a lot, there is always variety.

The store offer everything from clothes, movies, furniture, home decor and knick-knacks.
Anything else your heart could desire is all within a poor college student’s budget.

Roommates break your favorite mug? No problem. There are rows of unique mugs and glasses in the store’s home goods area.

Needing something for that theme party you are attending this weekend? Check out the store’s multiple clothing racks for something special.

The catch with so much stuff is that things begin to feel cluttered and it becomes hard to focus.
The store has a bland feeling at times, lacking any decorations or color on the walls. It can create a cold atmosphere while trying to shop.

The employees, however, make up for the lack of warmth by always being welcoming from the time you enter until you leave. They are willing to help you find whatever you need.

If you need a Halloween costume or furniture for your apartment, you can feel good about spending your money at the CVAS store.

The money you spend goes straight to the care of the animals at the shelter, providing them with food and a safe place to stay until they find someone to adopt them.
They have photos posted around the store of some of the dogs and cats at the shelter you help with your purchase.

Everything in the store is in good shape, plus it is more convenient than a trip to Walmart.
They accept donations daily so you can bring stuff you do not want anymore and give it to a good cause.

So if you are looking for somewhere to go in Shippensburg that has a variety of items but at cheap, college-budget prices, then you should definitely check out the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter Thrift Store on King Street.

It is a great place to get some stuff and feel awesome for buying it.

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