Homecoming committee cranks out a successful homecoming week

Each year, Shippensburg University’s Homecoming Committee stirs it up with fresh new themes intended to set the tone of celebration for Homecoming.

Last year, “What Happens in Ship,” the Las Vegas casino-themed manifestations were met with sizeable fanfare.

Because of the successful turnout last year, the Homecoming committee’s new theme, “Ship, the Main Attraction,” a carnival-themed week of festivities, was intended to outshine last year’s Homecoming Week theme.

On Monday, Oct. 1, the SU Homecoming Committee hosted the first event of many.

Monday night’s party, dubbed, “Game Night,” was an entertaining jamboree in which many students enjoyed pizza, games of bingo, milk-bottle-throw games and a wide array of tossing games that provided fun for everyone.

Also, the participants had the opportunity to win prizes from succeeding in various competitions held at the party.

These prices varied from small items, such as candy, to larger items such as a digital camera.
The Homecoming committee made plans to host special events for the rest of the week as well.

On Wednesday, Oct. 4 in the quad, there was a battle of the campus.

“Battle of the Campus” was a series of competitions fought between teams of individuals who are formed by university clubs and friends alike.

Shortly after, a laser tag fest took place on the quad in front of the library. Thursday brought an evening of theme dinners in the dining halls on campus followed by the Lip Sync affair.

An even more exciting weekend was ushered in by the Friday Spirit Rally.

Spirit and Competition Chairperson Kelsey Reube said, “I hope that a lot of people attend the rally because we have prepared quite a show for them with our dance troupe, cheerleaders and marching band. Our spirit remains intense as our Raider football team anticipates a strong victory on Saturday against the Long Island University football team. It is important for all students to come out and proudly display our colors before they hit the parties on Saturday evening.”

Executive chair of the committee Sam Stambaugh, and Special Events Chairperson Travis Horton expressed their ideas with pride and joy on Monday evening.

“We encourage all students to come and partake in this week of festivities,” Stambaugh and Horton said.

School spirit and pride are imperative to a happier, more exciting campus life.

They are also a vital connection to the communities and organizations off campus too.

The proceeds generated by the Homecoming Week festivities were given to Better Days Animal League and Women In Need organizations.

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