Gordon Baker-Bone creates laugh through controversy


On Friday, Sept. 28, Gordon Baker-Bone and his sidekicks entertained the crowd as they brought their odd comedy to the Red Zone in the CUB. Baker-Bone, a new up-and-coming comic from Newark, N.J. has performed all over the country and is now doing a college tour with his comic entourage.

The night was filled with laughs as the opening acts were careful and ready for anything as they started the show accomplishing what they set out to do; make people laugh.

The show started out slow as the crowd was uneasy. The two opening comics, Justin Flanagan and Brett Druck, both from New Jersey, found it hard to keep the audience on track.

The comics started with topics that were very controversial, yet witty.

Race seemed to be the theme of the night, making some offended enough to leave the Red Zone and most to laugh so hard they could barely contain themselves.

As the show continued, many noticed that the comedians were bringing a message of race and uncomfortable issues about family, roommates, drinking and sex in order to show that there is humor in everything if you are willing to see it.

Baker-Bone continued talking about controversial issues of masturbation, rape and the stereotypes of race while onstage.

These subjects created some uneasy reactions throughout the audience, but most welcomed his version of comedy after the slow start of the two opening acts.

Baker-Bone, in a personal interview before the show, was quick to mention his accomplishments as a writer for the MTV show “Yo Momma.“

Contestants from different parts of the country came together to give their best “Yo Momma” jokes for prizes and notoriety.

“When I first started writing for this comic on the show, I didn’t take it too seriously,” Baker-Bone said. “Then when the jokes I wrote got us to the finals of the competition, I started to take it serious and wanted to win.”
Bone contributes his comedy to every day occurrences and to the admiration of some very popular comics like Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor.

As the night continued, Baker-Bone won over the crowd with his charisma, big smile and interaction. Some may have been offended, but everyone found something to laugh about.

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