The key to college success

For every college student, new experiences will happen.
We are here to get our degrees, make some new friends and enjoy the time in college before we step into the real world.
Transitions from being in high school to being in college are hard, along with the transition into a new year just from being home for summer break.

Stress starts to build and people quickly start to crumble under the pressure.

Before you know it, you are sitting in the library behind the books, mind blown and feeling so overwhelmed.
But what is really on your mind?
That party last night?

What football game is on tonight?

Thinking about your new crazy roommate you cannot stand?
And how are you going to get all this work done and still have time to relax?

These are common things on the college student’s mind.
But what many students do not know, is how to handle them all.
I sat and thought about the things I deal with on a day-to-day basis and I came up with a solution: breathe.

That party last night is over and the ones this weekend have not started.

So get your school work done, then play.

Football is a necessity, or so it seems, to many people on Sundays and Mondays, but homework comes first; you are here to learn.

As for your roommates, they are just people you live with sometimes.

I think many people feel the need to try and become lifelong friends with their roommates and sometimes that just is not the case.

If he or she is crazy, ignore it; you do not want to get caught up in their ways.

If he or she is untrustworthy, lock up all your things or take it all with you everywhere; do not think you can trust them right away.

No one gets along all the time, so just be civil and get through the time together.

I know that being in college is stressful and some people handle that by thinking they need to spend more time partying than actually studying.

News flash, you will not get far.

Everyone likes to have fun and relax, but let us remember the real reason we are here.

We are here to learn, make successful lives for ourselves and great careers for ourselves in the future.

I see so many people every day not going to class because of what they did the night before, or feeling the need to put their schoolwork on the back burner because their friends are out having fun without them.

You need friends and you need fun.

But let us get smarter for ourselves too.

You do not want to look back on your college career, just getting by in your classes and realize your skills would be a lot more marketable for your career choice if you would have just cared a little more.

Pick a major, do the best you can in your courses, have some fun, but be the best that you can be.

Seriously, what would you be doing if you were not in college studying something?

We are very lucky to have such a great school with great staff and experiences waiting for us.

Do not ruin your time here, you will regret it later.

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